Balicki-Zmudzinski – All hands from EBTC

Posted by in Bridge on Oct 5, 2015


  1. Oct 6, 2015

    Board 23 Zmudzinski signals 6 cards by tapping 5 fingers than thumb straight after Balicki taps table 4 times. Balicki than rocks back and starts to think.

  2. Oct 6, 2015

    To be clear, my observation is about the Denmark match (i.e. first board of your blog post) and Zmudzinski is indicating 6 cards in the lead suit (i.e. clubs). This signal happens before he pulls the lead card back at 1:18:08 of the video. IMO this video alone is almost enough to conclude there is cheating going on.

  3. Oct 9, 2015

    Here is what I observed, in data, and videos. First, some players are not regular in their lead direction. I looked at Welland (Germany) in the match against Poland, and his first 3 leads were horizontal, the next was vertical, and the last was angled. I suspect the crowd-sourcing will get stats on everyone. Sometimes I get the idea that when they “throw down” the lead it is more likely to be horizontal (your choice of this direction), because they are emphatic, and this is more likely with a strong holding? Maybe just a unconscious pattern some players have.

    Anyway, from your data, here are all the Balicki-Zmudzinski Ace-leads from AK in non-notrump contracts.

    34311/26 B 4SX AH AK3 angled
    34300/22 Z 3C AD AK5 angled
    34209/23 B 3H AS AK82 horizontal
    34300/28 B 4S AH AK75 horizontal
    34311/18 B 4S AD AKT8 horizontal
    34219/30 Z 4H AS AKT965 vertical
    34300/30 B 4S AH AKQ9642 vertical
    34174/25 Z 4S AD AKT86 vertical
    34185/17 Z 5SX AH AKQJ97 vertical
    34281/13 Z 3D AS AK962 vertical

    The pattern should be obvious, angled is 3 cards, horizontal is 4, vertical is more.
    But maybe just coincidence? It’s the first thing I thought of, look at ace leads. I tried to find other patterns, but nothing was overwhelming.


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