Gumball 2014 – Miami to Ibiza

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robin roy krigslund-hansenrobin roy krigslund-hansenRobin Roy Krigslund-Hansen on Gumball 3000 in 2014:

I participated in my first Gumball 3000 Rally in June 2014, when my friend and I drove my Bentley GT Speed all the way from Miami to Ibiza.

The rally started at the famous and always sunny Ocean Drive on South Beach in Miami and ended at the Spanish island of Ibiza one week later and included flying all the cars from New York to Edinburgh in Scotland.

It was an amazing experience that I am so glad got checked off on the bucket list, but also a very intense and challenging one. It for sure was a lot fun with amazing and inspiring people from all parts of life and a milestone in my life that I would never be without, but driving fast day after day and and partying night after night with very little sleep becomes very exhausting after a couple of days. After a week you get so tired that it usually takes one or two weeks to recover. Just ask any Gumballer about that part :-)

robin roy krigslund hansen

The 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally Route

Here are a few shots of the wrapped Bentley GT Speed on the starting line in Miami:

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen Bentley3 Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen Bentley1 Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen Bentley2

The wrapping was in line with the Miami Vice theme of the rally and made by famous Raccoon in Kent in the U.K.

robin roy krigslund-hansen bentley design

The car is was a fast 610 horsepower twin-turbo V12 Bentley. It has since been tuned and upgraded by Mansory Tuning and now has close to 700 horsepower. The car is very convenient over such a long distance and compared to driving a Ferrari it feels like flying business-class me. I drove my tuned Ferrari 458 in the Gumball 3000 Rally in 2015, which was a fun car to drive, but the comfort of the Bentley is much preferred over long distances. Also keep in mind that the Gumball organization hands out a lot of merchandize to the participants in the rally. Storing everything in the small trunk of a Ferrari was a constant challenge. The Bentley GT was build for “Gran Turismo” and perfect for these longer distances.

Here are some proof that the Bentley actually could drive fast enough.

robin roy krigslund-hansen fined Robin krigslund-hansen Robin krigslund-hansen speeding robin and police robin roy krigslund-hansen policerobin roy krigslund-hansen gumball3000 2014

Many people have asked me about the flight from New York to Edinburgh. Well, I think the video summarize the trip very well.



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